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  • Cubiko Shower Caddy
  • Cubiko Shower Caddy
  • Cubiko Shower Caddy
  • Cubiko Shower Caddy
  • Cubiko Shower Caddy

Cubiko Shower Caddy


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Cubiko borrows its chic style from the art world, its form inspired by the work of painter Piet Mondrian, and its organizational efficiency from grid-like structures. Cubiko is composed of two large shelves, a versatile hook for hanging over your shower head or clipping to a shower door, suction cups for additional stability and s-hooks for customizable storage. Each shelf has tiny drainage holes built throughout it, ensuring your products stay dry and dry quickly. Each shelf has two larger holes that allow shampoo bottles to be stored spout down, so product can be dispensed more easily. Cubiko can be hooked over your shower or door.

  • Modern Shower Caddy: A mondrian-inspired shower caddy, designed to bring sophistication and versatility to the standard shower caddy. it features two shelves and suction cups to help secure cubiko to the shower wall, giving it added stability
  • Versatile Mounting Clip: Mounts over a shower head or over a shower door, so it works in multiple showers, the over-the-door clip also doubles as a towel hook on its flip-side
  • Integrated Drainage: Covering the base of each shelf is tiny drainage holes, ensuring the objects stored inside the caddy stay dry, each shelf has two shampoo drainage holes, allowing bottles to be stored spout down, for easy dispensing
  • S Hooks: Cubiko’s s hooks provide added storage and versatility, single s hooks are good for hanging loofas and wash cloths, while the double s hook holds a razor, you can place these hooks on the caddy as needed